Innovative credit card solutions

for merchants all over Pan-European region

Wallester uses the latest and most secure credit card and payment technologies to enable your business to start issuing your branded credit cards to your end customers as a turn-key solution in short time and at low cost.

Our service

Wallester is a European credit card issuing service provider for both banks and merchants. Wallester payment services bring together your personalised payment cards and your customer loyalty programs.


Our client which is either a bank or a merchant can engage and focus fully in their own business development and Wallester supports to connect your business ideas with credit card technical innovation.

Control your Budget

All costs and revenues are transparent. Wallester client can focus on the top-line and budget the costs.

Fast to Market

Wallester delivers your branded virtual or plastic credit cards to your customer's wallet in just a few months.

Create new revenues

Start earning additional income from customers' credit usage and boost your sales volumes.

Secure and Reliable

Since we work together with a global payments technology company, our payment cards are secure and reliable whether payment is made in-store or online.

Build loyalty

We help you deliver the next level of loyalty by getting to know your customers more by gathering additional information from your customers so that you can offer them the best service possible. An efficient loyalty program with a merged reliable branded credit card from Wallester will drive your customer to become more loyal to your business.

Who we are

Our management team has over 25 years of combined experience in credit card business.